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Fulshear Police Warning About Sextortion Scams Targeting Teens

(FULSHEAR) - Fulshear police are encouraging parents to have open conversations about online safety to help their teens avoid scams such as sextortion. Sextortion is coercing a person into sharing intimate images before threatening to release them unless money is paid.

A simple conversation starts with two people aimlessly talking about seemingly random topics and interests until the topic turns down a sexual route. The idea of exchanging intimate photos with one another gets brought up, and seeing no harm in it, the victim agrees. Within minutes the victim’s whole world is flipped upside down when this stranger sends a lengthy message filled with the victim’s images, and threats claiming they will be exposed if the victim doesn’t pay them the right amount of money.

“It's unfortunate that scammers are targeting younger victims on platforms like Snapchat,” said police. “While Snapchat's disappearing messages feature can provide a sense of privacy, it also creates opportunities for malicious individuals to exploit unsuspecting users, particularly teenagers.”

It's important for both teenagers and their parents to be aware of the potential dangers and take steps to stay safe online.

“It's crucial to have open and proactive conversations with teenagers about online safety, including the risks posed by scammers,” said police. “Engaging in a discussion about potential threats and educating them about the importance of privacy and caution can help empower them to make safer decisions online. Remember, fostering a trusting and supportive relationship with your teenager is key to helping them navigate the online world safely. By being proactive and having these conversations, you can help mitigate the risks they may encounter and empower them to make responsible choices online.”

If you happen to fall victim of sextortion, you can report your case to the FBI using this link:


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