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Fort Bend ISD Students Advance to Regional Cross-Country Championship Meet

(FORT BEND ISD)– Dozens of Fort Bend ISD student athletes have advanced to the UIL Region III Cross Country Championship Meet, to be held Oct. 23-24 at Kate Barr-Ross

Memorial Park, 486 State Highway 75 N., in Huntsville. Kempner High School students will compete on Oct. 23, as part of 5A competition, and Clements, Elkins, Ridge Point and Travis high school students will compete on Oct. 24 in 6A competition. Winners will advance to the state championship meet.

Clements High School


  • Isabelle Lust

Boys – District 2nd Place Team Finish

  • Manuel Alleluia

  • Hayden Gaskey

  • Landon Huang

  • Andrew Johnson

  • Rayan Khan

  • Mikael Leul

  • Guha Mahesh

  • Hasnain Shakir

  • Mengle Tong

  • Joshua Wan

Elkins High School

Girls – District 3rd Place Team Finish

  • Jadyn Acuna

  • Zainab Anwar

  • Linda Karam

  • Hannah Larson

  • Madison Leroux

  • Avery Pitts

  • Patricia Soriano

  • Perle Tamiya

Boys – District 20-6A Team Champion

  • Sai Chinnapuwala

  • Alexander Foston

  • Nicolas Jimenez

  • Partha Loura

  • Nikhil Mathew

  • Zachariah Morin – District Champion

  • Jacob Ordaz

  • Nathan Peters

  • Martin Semana

  • Aidan Vanderschoot

Kempner High School


  • Elizabeth Werts – District 20-5A Champion


  • Kenna Negassa

Ridge Point High School

Boys – District 3rd Place Team Finish

  • Samuel Blake

  • Christian Devenish

  • Jared Goodwin

  • Jhepte Herrera

  • Jack Hills

  • Corey Labbe

  • Kohen Manthey

  • James Moore

  • Marcus Sims

  • Benjamin Stewart

Travis High School Boys

  • Seth Vowell

These students are coached by the following: Patrick Krall (Clements High School); Michael Morin and Ben Still (Elkins High School); Jennifer Lee (Kempner High School); Jed Jarrett and Novita Sander (Ridge Point High School); and Wes Woodruff (Travis High School).


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