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Fort Bend ISD Student’s Email results in Class Presentation from Nope Movie Science Consultant

(FORT BEND ISD)– On Thursday, Feb. 9, students in a class at Malala Elementary School were treated to a special surprise presentation on marine biology from Nope science consultant and marine biologist Kelsi Rutledge.

Malala student Mihika Pandit wrote an email to Rutledge after hearing her interview on National Public Radio’s Science Friday show. Mihika shared in the email how interesting it was to learn that the monster Jean Jacket featured in the film is a combination of several sea animals, including cuttlefish, squid and octopus. She ended her email by sharing her plans for her future:

“I want to be a marine biologist just like you when I grow up and I want to discover new species of sea creatures. I am very inspired by your work,” she wrote.

Rutledge was so touched by the message that she reached out to Fort Bend ISD to set up a surprise Zoom presentation for Mihika and her classmates, to share more about marine biology and her work as a Hollywood science consultant.

Mihika dreams of working with animals in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Rutledge is a PhD candidate at the University of California Los Angeles.

Video from Rutledge’s Zoom call to Mihika and her class - view here.


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