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FBISD Students Named All-State Musicians for 2024

(FORT BEND ISD) – Forty-five Fort Bend ISD students have been named all-state musicians for 2024 in band, choir and orchestra.

These talented musicians represent approximately 2.6 percent of the more than 70,000 students who initially auditioned, advancing from the regional and area competitions. The “All-State” honor is the highest award given to Texas student musicians.

The FBISD students selected will join their peers to perform during the upcoming annual Texas Music Educators Association Clinic/Convention, to be held Feb. 7-10 in San Antonio, at the Henry B. González Convention Center.

The Fort Bend ISD students named to the 2024 All-State lists include: 


  • Austin High School – Jalan Auduong

  • Bush High School – Umair Ashraf

  • Clements High School – Joseph Bellew and Ava Cobb

  • Dulles High School – Gabriel Clark, Katherine Hwang and Ikenna Nwakwu

  • Elkins High School – Jackson Pate, Julia Wei and Nevin Zetino

  • Kempner High School – Leviticus Cano

  • Ridge Point High School – Sebastian Alvarado

These students are supported by the following educators: Adrian Caswell, Jay Lopez and Lee Willis (Austin High School); Carlos Cruz, Joann Prause and Thomas McGuire (Bush High School); Jeff Johnson, Leslie Flynn, Bryan Waites and Kyle Emiliani (Clements High School); Arnel Darit, Spence Clayton, and Zachary Gutierrez (Dulles High School); Joseph Chen, William Phi and Christopher Dial (Elkins High School); Paul Brodt, Steven Dratler and Cameron Robillard (Kempner High School); and Eric Weingartner, Amanda Marquart and Christopher Baños (Ridge Point High School).


  • Austin High School – Gracie Pugh

  • Bush High School – Hobed Saravia

  • Clements High School – Gia George, Victoria Huang, Danae Romero Leal and Kallin Wheatley

  • Elkins High School – Davide Gucciardi, Jai Joshi, Madison Pascual, Brett Rosner and Emma Szeto

  • Ridge Point High School – Zackary Mok

  • Travis High School – Shelby Moritz and Noel Pappas

These students are supported by the following educators: Linda Holkup (Austin High School); Marina Monsivais (Bush High School); Jade Blakey and Justin Shen (Clements High School); John Richardson (Elkins High School); Chelsea Berner and Stewart Gaitan-Garcia (Ridge Point High School); Dan Miner (Travis High School).


  • Austin High School – Kevin Chen, Dezhou Gao, Chloe Lee and Christine Li

  • Clements High School – Aryan Bora, Emilie Efendy, Amanda Li, Guanfa (Felix) Shen, Alexander Song, Emma Wang, Sage Wang, Henry Xu and Andy Zhou

  • Dulles High School – Seun Ayadi, Joshua Cheng, Lillian Liao and Kendall Wu

  • Elkins High School – Lawrence Feng and Laurence Moung

These students are supported by the following educators: Matthew Madonia and Judy Chung (Austin High School); Neal Spring and sally Kirk (Clements High School); Michael Isadore and Peter Pomaievich (Dulles High School); and Joe Garcia (Elkins High School).


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