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FBISD Students Earn Awards, Perfect Scores at this Years UIL A+ District Meet

(FORT BEND ISD)– Two dozen Fort Bend ISD campuses participated in this year’s UIL A+ District Meet, held late last month at Bowie Middle School.

The academic competition is designed specifically for elementary students.

The meet was comprised of six events:

Art – Students are asked to identify the names of 15 selected artists and titles of artwork chosen randomly. Students must also answer questions on art history and element characteristics.

Creative Writing – Students are given a prompt with several captioned photographs. From the photographs, students create an original story in 30 minutes.

Oral Reading – Students read aloud from a selection of poetry.

Music Memory – Students will listen to approximately 20 seconds of up to 20 musical selections from a wide spectrum of genres. They must identify the name of the major work, selection and name of the composer.

Number Sense – Students are given a 10-minute, fill-in-the-blank test that may include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, proportions and mathematic notation. Calculations on paper and on a calculator are not allowed.

Storytelling – Students retell a story in their own words after listening to a storyteller read a brief story.

The elementary schools that participated in the 2023 District Meet were: Armstrong; Brazos Bend; Briargate; Colony Meadows; Cornerstone; Dulles; Fleming; Goodman; Highlands; Holley; Jordan; Lantern Lane; Mission Bend; Mission Glen; Neill; Oyster Creek; Palmer; Quail Valley; Ridgemont; Schiff; Seguin; Sienna Crossing; Sullivan; and Walker Station.

Sullivan Elementary earned the Overall Team Award, for accumulating the most points awarded by contestants, and was also named Team of the Year.

Several coaches and volunteers were honored for their work with students throughout the year. They include:

Coordinators of the Year – Alexia Barrera-Guerra and Filiz Baykal (Neill)

Coach of the Year – Mrs. Uma (Schiff)

School of the Year – Dr. Gregory Foulds, Chastidy Hammond and Kimberly Dutra (Schiff)

Volunteers of the Year – Mandi Bui (Neill), Valerie Tippett (Schiff) and Becky Orr (Armstrong)

The results from this year’s District Meet are:

Art (4th & 5th Grades) 1st – Owen Stalnaker (Colony Meadows) 2nd – Micah Wu (Colony Meadows) 3rd – Andrew Luo (Colony Meadows) 4th (3-Way Tie) – Adelaide Sokol (Sienna Crossing), Isabella Mavumkal (Sienna Crossing) and Myka Reyes (Sienna Crossing) 6th – Haniya Anjum (Seguin)

Creative Writing 1st – Elissa Jacob (Walker Station) 2nd – Valentina Ledesma (Jordan) 3rd – Zooey Diaz (Sienna Crossing) 4th – Megan Tapiador (Sullivan) 5th – Hazel Wagner (Sienna Crossing) 6th – Guadalupe Reyes (Armstrong)

Music Memory (2nd Grade) 1st (12-Way Tie, All Perfect Scores!) – Yoseph Daniel (Oyster Creek), Siya Pillai (Colony Meadows), Samuel Asefaw (Cornerstone), Olivia Ayala (Quail Valley), Macayla Chang (Walker Station), Hotta Naoki (Sullivan), Davis Blanks (Walker Station), Carter Williams (Schiff), Avery Eng (Walker Station), Audrey Lai (Walker Station), Ariena Reyes (Schiff) and Aanyaa Jain (Sullivan) 3rd – Archie Due (Sullivan) 4th (4-Way Tie) – Alisha Rao (Cornerstone), Alejandra Oliveros (Neill), Jolie Valmont (Schiff) and Aashvi Neema (Sullivan) 6th – Kabir Sharma (Quail Valley)

Music Memory (3rd & 4th Grades) 1st (5-Way Tie, All Perfect Scores!) – Liam Patterson (Seguin), Liam Wolf (Seguin), Miya Pillai (Colony Meadows), Olivia He (Sullivan) and Graham Madson (Palmer) 3rd – Callie Madson (Palmer) 4th – Aiden Ali (Colony Meadows) 5th – Ryuki Hotta (Sullivan) 6th – Winiefrida Karaze (Seguin)

Music Memory (5th Grade) 1st – Annabelle Chung (Sullivan) 2nd – Katlyn Scansen (Colony Meadows) 3rd – Felix Due (Sullivan) 4th – Ryan Liang (Oyster Creek) 5th – Lucile Wilkes (Cornerstone) 6th – Lily Hernandez (Quail Valley)

Number Sense (4th Grade) 1st – Vansh Koka (Cornerstone) 2nd – Caleb Zhang (Colony Meadows) 3rd – Sophie Yuan (Colony Meadows) 4th – Elijah Thomas (Schiff) 5th – Samuel Stephen (Oyster Creek) 6th – Adam Duong (Schiff)

Number Sense (5th Grade) 1st – Ayan Shah (Sullivan) 2nd – Adarsh Patel (Sullivan) 3rd – Shruthi Ram Kumar (Sullivan) 4th – Diya Biswas (Schiff) 5th – Shiloh Haynes (Colony Meadows) 6th – Aarushi Kadam (Schiff)

Oral Reading (4th Grade) 1st – Saanvi Bhansali (Sullivan) 2nd – Isabelle Kamphaus (Schiff) 3rd – Joanna Li (Colony Meadows) 4th – Eden Wayne (Sienna Crossing) 5th – Mayank Mehrota (Colony Meadows) 6th – Alexandra Castle (Goodman) 7th – Janiyah West (Goodman) 8th – Grace Interiano Diaz (Mission Glen)

Oral Reading (5th Grade) 1st – Julian Revilla (Sienna Crossing) 2nd – Ayana Kumar (Sienna Crossing) 3rd – Swara Monpara (Schiff) 4th – Astha Bhikadiya (Sienna Crossing) 5th – Ariana Khan (Highlands) 6th – Anna Wang (Colony Meadows) 7th – Leela Guerrero (Neill) 8th – Mariam Phillips (Colony Meadows)

Storytelling (2nd Grade) 1st – Sofia Shearn (Dulles) 2nd – Shritha Vangala (Schiff) 3rd – Lia Vo (Jordan) 4th – Chizi Udemgba (Goodman) 5th – Lamiyah Gurgi (Cornerstone) 6th – Londyn Driskell (Goodman) 7th – Bennett Huong (Cornerstone) 8th – Remington Tsai (Highlands)

Storytelling (3rd Grade) 1st – Anushka Kakkar (Sullivan) 2nd – Eleah Aquino (Schiff) 3rd – Ava Burns (Sienna Crossing) 4th – Ellie Tapiador (Sullivan) 5th – Erha Abbas (Neill) 6th – Eisley Grant (Jordan) 7th – Rehab Razzaq (Brazos Bend) 8th – Nimike Dayo-Okewole (Jordan)


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