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FBISD Observes May as Mental Health Awareness Month

(FORT BEND ISD) - Fort Bend ISD joins others across the nation in observing May as Mental Health Awareness Month. The purpose for this month is to raise awareness in the community to recognize and understand the signs and symptoms of mental health, seek help for it, and most importantly, break the stigma attached to it that causes many to suffer in silence.

FBISD is recognizing its team of six Licensed Professional Counselors, for their “hard work and dedication in meeting the highest mental health needs of our students. They provide therapy to our students, are always available for consultations to guide our campuses on next steps, and take the lead on providing numerous trainings to address the mental health needs of our students, staff, and parents.”

FBISD also partners with several community organizations to provide mental health support, including Clearhope Counseling, IMPACT Invocare, Sugar Land Counseling Center, Texas Child Health Access Through Telemedicine and Texana.

The number of students and families that receive support, as well as the number of community partners, continue to increase to meet the growing needs in the district.

“As a district, through our Whole Child Health Initiative, FBISD’s goal remains to help reduce the stigma and barriers associated with mental health, identifying and accessing services to address those needs, along with expanding and sustaining those supports for our students,” officials said. “As a community, let us continue to help our family and friends with mental health challenges, letting them know that they are not alone, and that seeking help can make all the difference.”

Fort Bend ISD has six Licensed Professional Counselors on its staff – Jesse Moreno, Maritza Veliz, Muriel Williams, Antwanette Weaver, Kara Hatfield, and Melissa Henderson.


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