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FBISD Dance Soloists, Ensembles Recognized at Annual District Dance Classic

(FORT BEND ISD) – Last month, hundreds of Fort Bend ISD high school dancers participated in this year’s district Dance Classic, representing all eleven school programs. They performed in solo, duet, small ensemble and full team categories, and the top soloists in each category were recognized.

The programs were split by proximity to the district’s field houses, Hopson and Wheeler, and dancers competed in both the Classic and Select groups. Classic entries were made by students with limited competitive experience, and Select entries were performed by students with more years of experience.

The annual event prepares high school dancers for their spring contest season, and students receive feedback from professional adjudicators on their pieces. They also experience the format and structure of dance competitions as they prepare for official contests.

New this year, middle school students from First Colony, Garcia, Lake Olympia, McAuliffe, Sartartia and Thornton middle schools participated as part of the district’s Introduction to Dance course, offered to eighth-grade students.

The dancers recognized at this year’s Dance Classic include:

Hopson Field House Solo Winners and Finalists

Ninth Grade Classic Winner – Neela Bali (Elkins) First Runner Up – Jessica V. Lee (Clements)

Ninth Grade Select Winner – Reese Kathryn Aycock (Ridge Point) First Runner Up – Inara Goldsmith (Clements) Second Runner Up – Melanie Blanco (Ridge Point)

Tenth Grade Classic Winner – Jewel Robinson (Ridge Point) First Runner Up – Catherine McFadden (Ridge Point) Second Runner Up – Jailah Coleman (Hightower) Finalists – Alice Garcia (Willowridge) and Caiden Smith-Adeniran (Elkins)

Tenth Grade Select Winner – Rhiana Burnett (Ridge Point) First Runner Up – Lydia Shaw (Ridge Point) Second Runner Up – Skylar Briers (Ridge Point) Finalists – Sarina Khariah (Clements), Emily Muhlbauer (Ridge Point), Chloe Tang (Clements)

Eleventh Grade Classic Winner – Saanvi Mistry (Elkins) First Runner Up – Dyamond Davis (Marshall) Second Runner Up – Lillianna Coleman (Hightower) Finalists – Brooke Birks (Ridge Point) and Amarie Bradley (Hightower)

Eleventh Grade Select Winner – Sydney Mata (Ridge Point) First Runner Up – Addison Feller (Ridge Point) Second Runner Up – Aria Terry (Ridge Point) Finalist – Francesca Herrera (Ridge Point) and Anna Strauss (Ridge Point)

Twelfth Grade Classic Winner – Rhylan Rangel (Ridge Point) First Runner Up – Samantha Johnson (Elkins) Second Runner Up – Nidhi Naveen (Elkins) Finalists – Sarah Lubin (Elkins) and Aija McGuire (Marshall)

Twelfth Grade Select Winner – Olivia Aguirre (Clements) First Runner Up – Julia Amsler (Clements) Second Runner Up – Emma Slauson (Ridge Point) Finalists – Madi Jo Navarre (Ridge Point) and Nicole Wu (Clements)

Wheeler Field House Solo Winners and Finalists

Ninth Grade Classic Winner – Kayleen Vela (Travis) First Runner Up – Mira Pate (Travis) Second Runner Up – Morgan Moore (Bush)

Ninth Grade Select Winner – Addison Rawbone (Austin)

Tenth Grade Classic Winner – Alex Vela (Travis) First Runner Up – Addison Llanes (Travis) Second Runner Up – Emilia Garcia (Travis) Finalists – Alexandria Applegate (Travis), Isabella Bochus (Travis) and Kari Frazier (Dulles)

Tenth Grade Select Winner – Rachel Lee (Dulles) First Runner Up – Jaylie Sharp (Travis) Second Runner Up – Caroline Singleton (Austin)

Eleventh Grade Classic Winner – Samirah Oshodi (Dulles) First Runner Up – Natalie Dam (Bush) Second Runner Up (Tie) – Danna Loyo (Austin) and Favor Ajughu (Travis) Finalist – Gabrielle Adebowale (Bush)

Eleventh Grade Select Winner – Madeline Li (Kempner) First Runner Up – Harmony Clay (Austin) Second Runner Up – Chloe McAfee (Dulles)

Twelfth Grade Classic Winner – Drew Doyle (Dulles) First Runner Up – Jasey Ukpong (Dulles) Second Runner Up – Linga Trigg (Dulles) Finalists – Marlen Blanc (Austin) and Allyson Lopez (Kempner)

Twelfth Grade Select Winner – Cassidy Perez (Travis) First Runner Up – Anna Anasti (Austin) Second Runner Up – Mikaela Rubico (Austin)


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