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Dulles High School’s Decathlon Team Advances to State Meet, Earning Regional Title

(FORT BEND ISD) – Dulles High School’s Decathlon Team won its regional meet this past weekend, and is headed to the state meet ranked as the number one team in Texas. This is the team’s sixth consecutive regional title, and the team’s ninth state competition berth.

Members earned a combined 55 event medals and seven overall individual best. The team also placed first in the team Super Quiz. DHS’s Jasmine Chou was the highest-scoring student at the meet, medaling in every event.

Individual team results include:

  • Jasmine Chou (First Place overall in Honors) – Gold medals in Art, Economics, Literature, Science (perfect score) and Essay (perfect score); Silver medals in Math, Music, Social Science, Speech and Interview

  • Anant Asthana (Second Place overall in Honors) – Gold medals in Math and Essay (perfect score); Silver medal in Science; Bronze medal in Music

  • Kyler Mitra (Third Place overall in Honors) – Silver medals in Economics, Music and Interview; Bronze medals in Literature, Social Science and Speech

  • Ashley Dao (First Place overall in Scholastic) – Gold medals in Literature, Science and Social Science; Silver medals in Economics, Math, Speech and Essay; Bronze medals in Arts

  • Nora Gabriel (Second Place overall in Scholastic) – Gold medals in Art, Economics and Math; Silver medals in Music, Social Science and Essay; Bronze medal in Literature

  • Audrey Hanan (Third Place overall in Scholastic) – Gold medals in Essay; Silver medals in Art, Economics, Literature and Music; Bronze medals in Science and Social Science

  • Vienna Cheng (First Place overall in Varsity) – Gold medals in Art, Literature, Math, Music, Social Science and Interview (perfect score); Silver medals in Economics, Speech and Essay

  • Athulya Nair – Gold medal in Interview (perfect score); Silver medal in Music

  • Emily Christman – Silver medal in Math; Bronze medals in Speech and Essay

Academic Decathlon is a 10-event competition based on a single subject where 9-member teams compete to build the highest cumulative score. This year’s subject is the American Revolution.

Teams are composed of three sets of three students from each group, based on their GPA: honors, scholastic and varsity.

The Dulles High School Decathlon team is headed to its ninth state tournament. The team consists of (l-r, f-b) Anant Asthana, Athulya Nair, Vienna Cheng, Jasmine Chou, Ashley Dao, Kyler Mitra, Coach Kelsey Halfen; Coach Mark Rosenbalm, Coach Andrew Hartman, Emily Christman, Audrey Hanan, Nora Gabriel, Coach Casey Johnston.


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