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Donation Clears Negative Student Meal Balances at FBISD’s Patterson Elementary

(FORT BEND ISD)– This month Cliff Ligon, a community member and vice president at Regions Financials, donated $531.71 to clear the negative student meal balances at Patterson Elementary.

Students who do not receive free meals and who do not supply their own are allowed to obtain meals in their school cafeteria even if their account balance is $0, however, the negative charges begin to accrue and some families do not or cannot pay what is owed.

Fort Bend ISD continues to encourage families to complete the 2022-23 Free and Reduced-Priced Meal application, recognizing that food prices and inflation continue to affect families’ budgets. Families can complete the application online here.

FBISD students, like others across the nation, were able to universally receive free breakfast and lunch meals during the 2020-21 and 2021-22 school years due to United States Department of Agriculture waivers. These waivers were discontinued this school year despite the continued economic fallout of the pandemic. Families must now purchase student meals on campus if they do not qualify for free or reduced-price meals or they may bring their own.

Last month, Fort Bend ISD received generous donations from several community members who paid negative school lunch balances.


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