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Clements High School Graduate Places in Top Eight in Distinguished Young Women Program

(FORT BEND ISD) – Clements High School Class of 2023 graduate Nicole Wu earned $8,250 in scholarships when she placed among the top eight national finals participants this past weekend in the Distinguished Young Women program. In addition to her national winnings, Wu received scholarships at the state and local competitions, bringing her total to more than $10,000.

Wu earned the opportunity to compete against 49 other young women at the national finals after being named the 2023 Distinguished Young Woman of Texas in February and winning her area prior to that. National finals participants were evaluated in the following areas: scholastics, interview, talent, fitness, and self-expression. Wu received additional scholarship money as a recipient of the program’s “Distinguished Outreach Award.”

The DYM program allows participants to encourage young people to “Be Your Best Self.”

As part of this initiative, she created a presentation for kindergartners at her former elementary school, Colony Meadows, that was inspired by her love for growing, watering and maintaining beautiful flowers at a local park.

“Just as plants absorb nutrients and thrive during their early stages, young children absorb knowledge and begin to explore their own potential,” Wu said. This was the foundational idea behind her theme ‘Growing into Your Best Self’.

She designed hands-on presentations and activities around the five pillars of the “Be Your Best Self” campaign: Be Healthy, Be Ambitious, Be Studious, Be Involved, and Be Responsible.

Distinguished Young Women is a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower young women to reach their full potential by providing scholarship opportunities for college as well as personal development to become confident leaders. Each participant takes part in life skills workshops that teach skills necessary for success in college and the workforce.

Young women interested in applying for the program should visit


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