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Tornado Watch Issued for the Katy Area

(KATY) – The National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center has issued a Tornado watch for the Katy area that is in effect until 9 p.m. today, Jan. 8.

This means there is the possibility of a few tornadoes. While not certain, it is important to be prepared. There is also the potential for scattered large hail, with some hailstones possibly reaching up to two inches in diameter. There is also the chance of scattered damaging wind gusts, potentially up to 70 mph.

“This afternoon and evening, we are monitoring thunderstorms that could intensify, potentially leading to tornadoes, hail, and strong winds. The likelihood of a strong tornado is not high, but it is a possibility in this type of weather situation,” said officials with the City of Katy Office of Emergency Management. “A Tornado Watch means that tornadoes are possible in the watch area. It's a good time to review your safety plans and stay informed. Please keep an eye on the weather and follow any updates or warnings. Stay safe and prepared. We will keep you updated with any new information.”


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