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Sugar Land Teen Awarded $25,000 Scholarship for Developing Novel Approach to Coastal Erosion Control

(SUGAR LAND) - The Davidson Fellows Scholarship Program has announced the 2023 scholarship winners. Among the honorees is 18-year-old Ved Ganesh of Sugar Land. Ganesh won a $25,000 scholarship for his project, Stable Shores: An Experimental Set-Up to test Economical Alternatives to Conventional Coastal Erosion Control. He is one of only 21 students across the country to be recognized as a 2023 scholarship winner.

Ved Ganesh

“Being selected as a Davidson Fellow is a tremendous honor,” said Ganesh. “I know that being among such amazing peers, coupled with the astonishing honor of being named one of them, will only inspire me to work harder in the future.”

After witnessing the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey in 2017, Ganesh embarked on a quest to understand and mitigate coastal erosion. Through a three-part project comprising a physical experiment, a mathematical model, and a cost analysis, he developed innovative structures, particularly the cost-effective Bernoullis, that represent the possibility of more adaptive, eco-friendly coastal protection. His work also led to the formulation of a Golden Standard, a set of guidelines that can predict a defense’s effectiveness – a roadmap for the coastal defenses of the future.

Ganesh is a first-year student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he plans to major in ocean engineering. He hopes to contribute to engineering solutions that allow sustainable inhabitation of coastal regions in a changing climate. When not immersed in research, Ganesh enjoys playing his viola, reading a good book, or delving into debate evidence. “We are proud to announce this year’s class of Davidson Fellows Scholarship recipients who have completed significant projects with the potential to benefit society in the fields of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, literature, and music,” said Bob Davidson, founder of the Davidson Institute. “The innovations and new thinking added by each class of Fellows serve as an inspiration for future scholars to apply novel technologies and groundbreaking ideas to solve the world’s most difficult problems.”

The 2023 Davidson Fellows will be honored during a reception at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C. and with a virtual project presentation ceremony in September 2023.

The Davidson Fellows Scholarship program offers $50,000, $25,000 and $10,000 college scholarships to students 18 or younger, who have completed significant projects that have the potential to benefit society in the fields of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, literature and music. The Davidson Fellows Scholarship has provided more than $9.4 million in scholarship funds to 428 students since its inception in 2001, and has been named one of the most prestigious undergraduate scholarships by U.S. News & World Report. It is a program of the Davidson Institute, a national nonprofit organization headquartered in Reno, Nev. that supports profoundly gifted youth.

Founded by Bob Davidson in 1999, the Davidson Institute recognizes, nurtures and supports profoundly intelligent young people, and provides opportunities for them to develop their talents to make a positive difference. The Institute offers support through a number of programs and services, including the Davidson Fellows Scholarship and the Davidson Academy of Nevada. For more information about the 2023 Davidson Fellows, visit:


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