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Sugar Land Animal Shelter Facing Possible Closure Due to Overcrowding

(SUGAR LAND) - The City of Sugar Land’s animal shelter has exceeded capacity, a crisis that may soon prevent the facility from accepting more pets. Should the situation continue, officials say the city will be forced to close the shelter for any new animals.

The shelter is currently housing 53 dogs and 73 cats; however, the building was designed to accommodate 31 dogs and 52 cats.

“We need the public's help to foster and adopt one of the many animals that we have available,” said Director of Special Projects Jennifer Brown. “We have animals in every space we have available. We are using all available bangers which are the mobile enclosures that we use in rooms, hallways and the lobby. We have suspended trapping operations, and our animal services officers will only be picking up sick or injured animals on calls in the field.”

Shelter staff have actively worked with non-profit pet agencies, volunteer organizations and other shelters in the region, state and country, but the continuous growth of pets dropped off at the shelter, released throughout the city or running wild creates insurmountable challenges.

Work will continue to explore partnerships intended to leverage and coordinate regional resources, utilize a broader spectrum of expertise and better meet the needs of Sugar Land’s pet population. 

Sugar Land’s continued focus on partnerships, new programs and expanded engagement is intended to ensure the best outcomes for both the city and region’s continually growing pet population.

For more information about Sugar Land Animal Services, visit


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