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Katy ISD Board Approves $840.6 Million Bond Election

(KATY ISD) - During the Katy ISD July Regular Board meeting, trustees voted to approve an order calling for a November schools bond election. The referendum will be reflective of the 2023 bond package recommended by the district’s Community Bond Advisory Committee.

When Katy ISD voters head to the polls this November, they will see four bond propositions:

Proposition Items

Proposition A

Four New Schools, Purchase of School Sites, 26 Renovations and Expansions for Aging Campuses, 84 Safety & Security upgrades, Buses, 62 Building Component Replacements, $722,992,054

Proposition B

Districtwide Classroom & Campus Technology, $83,567,360

Proposition C

Districtwide Natatorium (Competition Swimming Pools) Component Replacements, $4,195,456

Proposition D

Districtwide Campus Athletic Facilities & Rhodes Stadium Repairs, $29,875,472

Total Bond Cost: $840.6M

“Our Katy ISD Board reviewed the projects and costs included in the Community Bond Advisory Committee’s recommended bond package. The package includes new facilities to accommodate enrollment growth, and addresses safety, technology, and facility improvements across existing schools,” said Victor Perez, Katy ISD Board President. “A November 2023 bond election, if successful, will fund projects that directly impact our students, staff, and learning opportunities across our 75 campuses.”

The 2023 Bond was designed with a zero-tax rate increase and addresses the district’s immediate capital needs through campus and facility projects that include four new schools, upgrades, renovations, and/or additions at existing campuses, safety and security improvements, and a one-to-one (1:1) student to device ratio for grades 3 through 12, among other projects.

Voting Information:

  • Early Voting: Monday, October 23, 2023 – Friday, November 3, 2023

  • Election Day: Tuesday, November 7, 2023

The Katy ISD Board voted 6-1 to call for the election. For additional information about the bond, visit the Katy ISD 2023 Bond webpage.


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