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Fulshear Police Asking Residents to Secure Weapons After Three Guns Stolen from Parked Vehicles

(FULSHEAR) – Fulshear police are asking residents to remove all valuables from their parked vehicles and secure weapons inside their homes after several car burglaries overnight.

According to police, overnight, unknown suspects entered a gated apartment complex, Parklane Fulshear Apartments at 27222 Fulshear Bend Drive. The suspects forced entry into serval parked cars. Among the items stolen were three pistols. There is no suspect information at this time.

“Although we live in one of the safest cities in Texas, this is a sad reminder that we are all vulnerable to the criminal element and we must do our part in the prevention of crime,” said police in a statement. “Please remove all valuables from your vehicles and secure your weapons inside your home.”


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