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Feral Hog Traps in Sugar Land Being Vandalized

(SUGAR LAND) – According to reports received by the City of Sugar Land, feral hog traps placed throughout the city by Animal Services are being damaged or purposefully tripped to prevent hogs from being trapped.

Feral hogs are not native to North America and cause serious damage to personal property and the natural habitat of native species. They can also carry diseases.

Sugar Land officials are warning residents that damaging these traps can cause serious injury and costs taxpayers money for repair or replacement. It is also against Texas Health and Safety code and can incur a fine of up to $200.

“So if you really do care about animals...instead of destroying property and ultimately hurting your neighborhood and environment, go do something productive: adopt a pet, volunteer at the animal shelter, foster a pet, donate to an organization,” said city officials.

For more information about the need to control the feral hog population, you visit:


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