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City of Katy to Provide Quarterly Tree Limb Pick Up in April

(KATY) - The City of Katy Public Works Department will be providing Quarterly Limb Pick Up the week of April 3. Residents should have their limbs out by 7 a.m. on this date. The Public Works crew will drive each street until the city has been covered. Keep in mind that due to the volume of limbs, pick up may take more than one day.

In order for the city to provide this type of service, it is important that the tree limbs be cut and trimmed to the following requirements:

  • Tree limbs have to be two inches to six inches in diameter.

  • Tree limbs have to be at least six feet in length and no longer than 12 feet.

  • Limbs should be placed in your yard, by the curb and not in the street/roadway prior to the first day of pickup.

  • Limbs should also not be placed by any water meter, gas meter or hydrant.

Tree limbs that do not meet the above requirements will not be picked up. Additionally, The city will not pick up household garbage, furniture, scrap metal, appliances, automotive parts, debris, rubbish, building materials, etc.

Other Options:

Any commercial tree service or any contractors cutting brush or trees is required to pick up and haul off their own limbs.

For large tree trunks and stove wood length, call G.O. Weiss Landfill at 281-492-2558.

Texas Pride will pick up brush less than two inches in diameter if it is tied in bundles, is no longer than four feet in length and must be less than 40 pounds in weight, provided they are placed at the residence curb on regular garbage collection day.

For any questions, residents should contact Public Works at or 281-391-4820.

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